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Custom-Fitted Dental Mouth Guards

Glen Oak Dental provides custom-fitted mouth guards in North York, Toronto to help patients keep their teeth safe and protected from damage. With our mouth guard services, you can get relief from unwanted pain and snoring. Mouth guards were created to protect your teeth from grinding, clenching, snoring, and other disorders. With our custom-made mouth guards, you will always get the right fit. Our dental professionals know how to fit and place each mouth guard so that they work for your teeth and your needs. No matter what side effects you are experiencing, our dental professionals can help give you relief.

close-up of a custom silicone mouth guard

Why Do I Need a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards offer a plethora of benefits. Our custom-fitted mouth guards will be made specifically for your mouth and your teeth. Our dentists will take a mold of your teeth and use that to create a mouth guard that matches. This is so that you get the perfect fit every time and so that your mouth guard will not slip and slide around in your mouth. Mouth guards are used for protection from many things. People often grind or clench their teeth which can end up damaging the teeth by causing them to break or crack. Mouth guards are often used for those who play sports as well to prevent damage to the teeth from impact. Mouth guards can help with other disorders as well, such as sleep apnea.

Our Custom-Made Mouth Guards Can Help With the Following


Wearing a mouth guard while you sleep will stabilize your jaw, open your airways, and give your tongue a depressor at night. With the combination of these things, you will be less likely to snore and wake yourself or your partner up. With our mouth guards, you can experience a good night's sleep.

Teeth Grinding or Bruxism

People often grind their teeth without realizing it. This condition is called bruxism. When you wear our custom-made mouth guards, you can protect your teeth from grinding. This will prevent your teeth from breaking, cracking, and being worn down by the force of your jaw.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is where your breathing is disrupted during sleep. When you wear a mouth guard while you are sleeping, it prevents the jaw from blocking your airway in your sleep. Mouth guards can help lessen the side effects of sleep apnea and allow you to sleep more comfortably.

TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder is a condition that limits the movement of your jaw. This disorder is often painful. With mouth guards, you can reduce the amount of pain that you experience caused by TMJ. Wearing a mouth guard will relieve pressure from the joints that are affected by TMJ.

Acquire a Custom-Made Mouth Guard Today

Glen Oak Dental makes custom-made mouth guards for North York, Toronto patients. We know how painful and irritating dental disorders can be. That is why we offer our mouth guard services. With a custom-fitted mouth guard, you can experience pain relief and sound sleep. When you come to our dentist’s office in North York, our professionals will discuss your symptoms and come up with a plan to treat these side effects. After creating a plan to care for your teeth, we will take a mould of your mouth and curate a mouth guard that fits you perfectly. There is no need to live with the pain of dental disorders or the annoyance of snoring. We are here to give you relief and help you better protect your teeth. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our dental office.

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